Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hottie Turned Sleazeball Double Feature?

Two very dashing British actors are playing bad boys in their new films, and I think it would make one heck of a double feature.

Jude Law will star in Dom Hemingway as the title character, a safe cracker who is released from prison.  After twelve years of not ratting on anyone, Dom goes around collecting all the money he's owed.  Law has a gross belly and ugly sideburns, and he chain smokes through the whole thing.

From dashing to disparaging all with the beauty of movie magic!!!

Remember James McAvoy from Atonement, Wanted, and X-Men: First Class?  How adorable!  Those eyes!  How well-mannered!  Well here he is in the upcoming Filth:

Yup.  Just banging some chick from behind.  You know how it goes.  Well, I don't. 

McAvoy plays a drug-snorting, bigoted, drunk of a cop who is dellusional in thinking he can somehow win back his wife and daughter.  When I first saw the trailer for Filth, I was taken aback.  I am glad that he is challenging himself as an actor, and the movie looks like a real trip.  It co-stars Eddie Marsan, Jamie Bell, and Shirley Henderson.  Remember your first glimpse of McAvoy?  He's so dreamy.  Kind of like this...

Both actors can basically do what they want at this point in their careers.  They definitely look like they are having a great time.  Check out the trailer for both films below.

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