Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'Kill Your Darlings': Oh, the words...

I knew if I waited a few more days I would get a trailer for this!  Kill Your Darlings debuted high on my list of anticipated fall movies, and I ranked it before I even saw a trailer.  That was either really dumb or really ballsy.  Even though the film was getting nice notices already, I usually reserve the higher slots for things I've seen footage for.  The full trailer debuted a few days ago, and, if possible, I am even more excited.

Daniel Radcliffe stars as a young Allen Ginsberg.  He seems quite outspoken at Columbia Universtiy when he meets Lucian Carr (Dane DeHaan), a fellow undergraduate.  Carr introduced Ginsberg to Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs, and in Darlings, they are played by Jack Huston and Ben Foster, respectively.

The trailer focuses on Carr and Ginsberg's relationship.  Or friendship.  It has a sort of Talented Mr. Ripley feel to it a bit, I think.  The main plot of the film centers on Carr's murder of David Kammerer, played by Michael C. Hall.  The incident shocked the group of friends, and there is still debate as to the validity of Carr's story. 

The sound and look of the film feels great.  It's all very smokey and jazzy and intellectual.  The sound of typewriters seem to underscore the entire thing.  I am amped to see Radcliffe in such a "scandalous" role.  Chain-smoking and gay sex!  Oh my!  Some of the visuals are rather striking, as well.  There is a moment where DeHaan and Radcliffe wander through a crowd of still people like they are in on a secret that they share. 

DeHaan is an intense young actor, so I am also very eager to see his performance.  Anyone who caught Chronicle or The Place Beyond the Pines knows this guy is the real deal.  He also nabbed the role of Harry Osborn in the upcoming Spider-Man sequel.  This guy is going to blow up very soon.  

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