Friday, August 23, 2013

A Rebuttal to Everyone Bitching About Ben Affleck

I wasn't going to write something about it, because I wrote something yesterday kind of reporting on it.  I am not an expert on the Batman comic (I know virtually nothing), but I have seen the movies.  My opinion on the subject probably doesn't matter to anyone who knows and/or loves the Caped Crusader.  What I do know is that people are sounding off at an alarming rate. 

Why are people so mad?  I have some really angry friends on Facebook, and I think people are reacting this way because they don't like him as a celebrity.  I am not the biggest Ben Affleck fan.  He has been in a LOT of bad movies.  A lot.  That doesn't make him a bad actor.  Someone is just a little too quick to sign on that dotted line.   

My friend Megan, my Fifty Shades of Suck partner in crime, wrote a piece about how he fears Affleck's career will take the turn that John Travolta's did after his career revival, Pulp Fiction.  I don't think you can compare them completely since Travolta is primarily an actor and Affleck has won two Oscars for screenwriting and producing.  Affleck has more tricks up his sleeve than Travolta ever did.  His rise from Gigli's ashes has more weight behind it than Travolta's climb back up.  Travolta was a kid in a candy store as far as parts were concerned.  He might have done anything he was offered, because he had fallen so far.  Affleck found a new passion in directing, but he still wants to act.  I do agree with Megan that Affleck's upcoming Runner Runner looks horrible, but I think Justin Timberlake will suffer more with that potential flop.

I feel like his choice to play Batman is a bit odd since his directorial efforts are getting better and better, however.  If someone walked up to you and said, "hey, we want you to be Batman" would you really think what other people would say about you?  I don't think so.   

I just want to propose this: can we wait to see something before we fly off the handle again?  I know that I can get pretty intense when it comes to casting rumors or confirmations (see anything I've written about the Into the Woods adaptation), so I am just as guilty.  But, come on, fanboys.  We have seen NOTHING about the new movie.  Nothing has been released about the plot.  Nothing has been released as far as supporting players.  We know nothing other than Affleck will be joining Henry Cavill and Zack "everything needs to be in slow motion" Snyder will be directing.  Wait until you see Affleck in a rubber cowl before we deem him not fit to play the part.  Let's see a trailer.  Calm down.  Can Affleck, a man who has had successfully revamped his career, really be a worse choice than Val Kilmer or George Clooney?

It's not the end of the world.  It's just another movie.  Let's just all take a deep breath.  I think we should all be more concerned that we are branded to care so much about a franchise that has been done to death than to worry who is going to play Batman.

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