Saturday, August 31, 2013

Romy and Michele Could Kick Katie and Chloe's 'Ass'

I was catching up on some Entertainment Weekly, when I came across a headline about Alicia Silverstone's new movie, Ass Backwards.  This headline ('Ass Backwards': Alicia Silverstone is a beauty queen mean girl) promised me to show me what Cher was up to.  It lied!  It was to mention that Silverstone had a supporting role in a new female buddy comedy, Ass Backwards.

Kate (June Diane Raphael) and Chloe (Casey Wilson) are two childhood best friends who never placed in the beauty pageants they competed in as kids.  The winner was always Laurel (Silverstone), a pint-sized mean girl who made their lives living hell.  When Kate and Chloe learn that they are invited back compete as adults for the 50th anniversary, the two besties hit the road for a trip guaranteed full of laughs.  As Heather Mooney would say:

I'm sure Raphael and Wilson's hearts are in the right place, but this only makes me want to watch Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, the quintessential go back and prove-you-got-it-from-those-bitches-in-high school-movie.  I love Silverstone, so I will check it out for her, but I am sure she is only in it for a few minutes.  Click the EW link above for the trailer and try to tell me that this doesn't look exactly like something Romy and Michele have grown up from.  

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