Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Horror Movie You Didn't See this Weekend

A lot of people have been asking me how You're Next was, because, apparently, I am the only one of their friends who saw it.  I liked it a lot, and it wasn't what I expected as far as slasher movies go.  After seeing the trailer, I thought it looked like an Old MacDonald version of The Strangers.  It made me anxious and excited.  Right before seeing it, however, I kept hearing that Next was more of a horror comedy.  I was intrigued!  I was confused!  I was going!

You're Next is a solid horror flick.  The best kinds of slasher movies are the ones that drown you in blood, but keep you laughing while doing it.  I think the movie delivers on both levels. 

The Davison family is reuniting for their parents 35th wedding anniversary in the middle of nowhere.  The vacation spot for this seemingly lovely affair is almost in the woods.  There is a neighbor (who meets a grisly fate in the creepy prologue) close by, but far enough away that one would have trouble getting there in case masked killers broke into their home.  I feel like that's something you should consider before buying a home.  I don't think I am very keen to own a home that is slightly surrounded by trees.  I will have to talk to the hubby to confirm that.

The Davison family isn't the most likable, which a welcome change.  I found the majority of them rather annoying, but, then again, we don't really get to meet them all for a considerable amount of time.  Crispien (AJ Bowen) brings his Austrailian hottie of a girlfriend, Erin (Sharni Vinson), to meet his folks.  His brother Drake (Joe Swanberg) holds the title of king of the douchebags, and their sister Aimee brings her boyfriend, Tariq, to dinner.  Who names these people?  No wonder masked men come in with sledgehammers and crossbows to kill them. 

Once the slaughter begins, the movie kicks into high gear.  I was surprised by how quickly Next offs its characters.  Three men are trying to get in, and the Davisons can't get out.  Amid all the chaos and blood splattering, Erin takes control and tries her best to keep everyone alive.  The masks of the killers continually switch from being creepy to funny/ 

It's kind of obvious where some of the movie is going, but that can be overlooked by how legitimately funny the movie can be at times.  Some one-liners really slayed (teehee) the crowd I was with, and the group of frat boys in my row were laughing and jumping the entire movie.  You're Next is what a fun scary movie can be.  And that end is killer. 

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