Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Surprise Woody!

Well, I wasn't expecting this!

Woody Allen is never really in front of the camera unless he is also behind it.  He has directed himself in well over twenty of his own feature films, so I was surprised when I saw him acting in John Turturro's latest film, Fading Gigolo.  It's Turturro's turn to pull a cinematic hat trick as he directing and starring in a script he penned himself.

In order to help his money deprived friend, Murray (Mr. Allen), Fioravante (Mr. Turturro) becomes a gigolo.  Murray plays the part of Fioravante's manager (can we say pimp?), and the pair become aware how complicated money and love can make a friendship.  The film co-stars Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara as two of Fioravante's clients. 

I personally think that Sharon and Sofia are gorgeous enough that they don't need to pay for it.  And they say "menage" about a million times (Just say threesome!), but I will go see Allen is a part of.  The last time I saw something he only acted in was, I think, Antz.  Yeesh.

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