Friday, July 19, 2013

A First: Two Ryan Reynolds Movies I Could Care Less About

I like Ryan Reynolds.  He generally plays the same guy in everything, but I like that guy.  Plus I sure as heck don't mind when he takes his shirt off.  His two new movies, however, haven't sparked my interest.  And I doubt they ever will. 

Both of Reynolds' new movies, Turbo and R.I.P.D, come out today.  Turbo is an animated movie about a snail (voiced by Reynolds) who wants nothing more than to race like Dale Earnhardt.  A freak accident enables him to enter the Indy 500.  A snail entering a race with cars?!  How fun!  Blah. 

I can't get my head around the concept.  In one of the trailers, someone says, "A snail can't enter a race with cars!" as if that excuses the ludicrous premise.  I know, I know.  It's a movie targeted towards children about being able to follow your dreams and blah blah blah.  You want to know what my dream is?  Seeing Turbo get run over my a racecar.

Speaking of ludicrous premises!  Does anyone actually want to see R.I.P.D?  I mean, who has a legitimate desire to see this nugget of poop?  I can't even really write anything about it, so I will just show you the trailer. 

Sorry, Ry Guy.  Go back to being funny and shirtless.  Thanks!

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