Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sister, Sister Alert!!! Mowry Mystery in 'Baggage Claim'

I will get to my Sister, Sister point here in a second.  Bear with me, folks! 

I will see Paula Patton in almost anything.  Quite the underrated actress, Megan from Megoblog and I were hoping for a surprise Best Supporting Actress nomination for Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire.  Alas, our dreams did not come true, but we do keep an eye out for whenever Patton is featured in something. 

Her latest, Baggage Claim, comes out in September.  Patton plays a flight attendant who is desperate to find a husband after her younger sister gets engaged, and she has thirty days to land a man before her sister's big day.  Her plan is to contact all of her exes and rekindle a romance.  Apparently, all of her former flames fly all the time, so her co-workers think it will be easy for her to come into contact with all of her ex-boyfriends.  What great co-workers! 

First of all, do girls really get freaked out if their younger siblings get engaged before them?  This happens all the time in movies.  If your sister is getting married in thirty days isn't that a sign that they are rushing into it?  Do you really want to appear more desperate than them?  Second of all, Megan cleverly pointed out that this is just a re-hashing of What's Your Number? starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans.

Yes, this is necessary.

My favorite part of the Baggage trailer comes when Patton is visiting a seemingly wealthy ex, and we come to discover that his apartment actually belongs to his current girlfriend.  This girlfriend is played by one of the Mowry twins (of said Sister, Sister fame), and she looks none too pleased in the trailer.  We only get a glimpse of her (as she is trying to barge through her own door), but she's really funny as she demands to be let into her apartment.

As soon as we realized that we were in the presence of a Mowry, my friend Kristin leaned over and said, " you think that's Tia or Tamera Mowry...or both...?"  What a keen observation, Kristin!  I don't think I have ever seen them apart.  Let's face it.  My knowledge of either Mowry's filmography is slight.  I would like to believe I am keeping part of my childhood innocence intact by assuming that the other twin is right behind her in that hallway, just as angry.  Do we have a Parent Trap-y situation going on here?  Did Tia film one day and Tamera the next?


Paula Patton makes the screen glow, but I would like to see a behind the scenes featurette about the Mowry jokesters.  

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