Sunday, July 14, 2013

'Gone' Ben Gone

It was announced today that Ben Affleck is in talks to star in the adaptation of Gillian Flynn's page-turner, Gone GirlI read Flynn's book club favorite last winter, and I couldn't put it down.  So naturally, I am excited and nervous about the adaptation. 

Nervous: Reese Witherspoon is producing.  I think she is gunning for the role of Amy, but I think she should be a horrible choice.

Excited: David Fincher (The Social Network, Seven) is set to direct.  This is awesome. 

If you haven't read Gone Girl, you should pick it up.  It's hard to fully talk about it since it's so spoiler-y.  For those who have read it, who are your ideal choices for the two leads?  I want Jessica Chastain and Jon Hamm, but I totally dig Affleck in the role.  He's got that asshole at face value thing down pat.

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