Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dear 'Once Upon a Time.' Stop the 'Frozen' Madness.

It's not news that I am a fan of last year's mega-successful animated tale (and Oscar-winning) Frozen.  It's also not a surprise to anyone that I am pretty obsessed with it.  I saw the film a few times in theaters, and people repeatedly tell me that I have the same energy and disposition of a certain summer-loving, smiley snowman.  Frozen landed a rather high place on last year's top ten list.  Long story short, it's safe to assume that I am pretty fond of the movie as a whole.  

I am not alone in my passion of Disney's film.  Since it was released in late November, Frozen was inescapable.  It's presence was everywhere.  Little kids were singing "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" all over, and the acclaimed "Let It Go" bombarded every corner of social media.  You couldn't go on Facebook or Buzzfeed without seeing a new version of the song or read enthusiastic status updates about the anthem.

I still love the film, so I raise an eyebrow to the announcement that ABC will feature sisters Elsa and Anna on next season's Once Upon a Time.  Let me throw it out there that I've only seen a few episodes of Once.  I'm not a superfan by any sense of the word, but what I saw I don't like.  I just think it's an overly complicated concept, but, hey, I don't watch it.  What the hell do I know?  


Last week, they announced that Elizabeth Lail will play Anna and Scott Michael Foster will play Kristoff.  Two days ago, Georgina Haig, pictured above, become Once's ice queen, Elsa.  I fear the inevitable backlash or the Frozen hate to begin.  Is ABC just capitalizing on the success of the film, or do they have a solid concept for it?  Who could blame them really considering how popular it was.  The arc will reportedly pick up after the events of the film, so they could do almost anything with it.  Will it draw in non-Once fans to watch?

I personally don't like the idea, because I want all the craziness of it to die down.  By the time Frozen won two Oscars in March, people on Facebook (at least what I saw) were tired of hearing "Let It Go" and annoyed with how much people were talking about it.  Maybe I feel protective of it because I still love it so much.  There was talk of a Broadway show, a sequel, and a theme park ride.  All of this has materialized in a little over eight months.  Things to fall out of development, of course, so who knows what will actually come to fruition.  I just think Once Upon a Time should not include it, because it will make more people turn against it.

But I don't watch the show.  What the heck do I know?

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