Wednesday, July 2, 2014

No, Seriously, Channing. Let's Wrestle.

Sheesh, they are really putting Channing Tatum front and center for this leg of the Foxcatcher ads, aren't they?  On Monday, we were treated to the Tatum character poster, and now he gets his own brief trailer focusing on the determination of his character.

Is anyone else getting super excited for this movie?  It was really well received at Cannes, and it still feels like there's mystery behind it (I've watched it a few times now).  The music in the trailer makes me anxious every time I see a spot for it.  I know that Steve Carell, and not Tatum, is the main focus, but Sony Pictures Classics is doing a smart thing putting Tatum in the front of these spots.  

If it's screenshots you're after, Jason Adams from MNPP does a great job of capturing Tatum's hotness.

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