Wednesday, July 30, 2014

'Into the Woods' Character Pics Drop

It's been a while since the first official tease of Meryl Streep as The Witch came out last year, but this definitely changes things.  Disney released a slew of images from the upcoming musical, Into the Woods, and the production design looks fucking great.  A teaser trailer is rumored to be attached to Guardians of the Galaxy and Get On Up this weekend, so I know where I will be on Friday morning.  We get to see almost every main character in the 10 pictures that came out.  The only one that looks kind of hidden is Johnny Depp as The Wolf.  

I love how stagey and shadowy this picture looks.  

"You want me to get LENTILS our of the ashes?  How bout I give you this resting bitch face instead?"

Future Makeup & Hairstyling nominee?  I think so.  

That's it, Billy.  Ride that horse.  

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