Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Foxcatcher: The Biggest Cocktease of the Fall Lineup

Have you guys heard of Foxcatcher?  It was filmed around Pittsburgh, so I have been following its production rather closely.  You know, like a crazy person.  

Directed by Bennett Miller (the guy behind Moneyball and Capote), Foxcatcher stars Steve Carell as John du Pont, a famed millionaire and ornithologist.  Du Pont wasn't just known for his enthusiasm for birds and mollusc shells.  No, sir.  He was most famous for murdering Olympic wrestler Dave Schultz in 1997.  Mark Ruffalo plays Schultz, and Channing Tatum plays Mark Schultz, Dave's brother and three-time gold medalist.

To say I was anxious to see this is an understatement.  Tatum in a singlet?  Yes.  Ruffalo in anything?  Yes.  Bennett Miller doesn't direct many films (the two I mentioned above are his only features), but he always gets interesting performances from his actors.  I still think Brad Pitt should have won Best Actor a few years ago for Moneyball.  Carell hasn't taken a dip as a straight-up dramatic actor like some of his comedic counterparts.  He's done more lightweight dramatic parts like in Little Miss Sunshine and Dan in Real Life, but he's stayed pretty consistent.  

The teaser trailer dropped last week, but soon after Sony Pictures Classics removed all the content online.  I can't find it anywhere.  Sadly, this isn't like a normal trailer post.  It probably also doesn't help that I am searching for it while at work, and the filters here are horrible.  Sony Pictures Classics also announced that they bumped Foxcatcher to sometime in 2014.  I was floored by the short content I saw, and now I need to see this.  The image I keep thinking of is Carell walking into a gym with a gun in hand and no one seems to notice him. 

Keep your eyes out for it. 

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