Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Is 'Non-Stop' the 'Chloe' / 'Taken' Mash-Up I've Been Dreaming Of?!?!

A few years back, Julianne Moore starred in a marital drama-thriller alongside Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried called Chloe.  Directed by Atom Egoyan, Moore starred as a doctor who fears her husband, Neeson, is having an affair.  Instead of just asking him and laughing at the confrontation years later, she hires a pretty, young (pretty and young, not too young...just a clarification) call girl (Seyfried) to tempt her husband.

Chloe sort of spirals completely out of control by the end.  It turns into a Fatal-Attraction-meets-Pottery-Barn climax, but I like it on a juicy, incredibly decorated level.  

A year before Chloe came out, Neeson starred in Taken, and I don't think I need to rehash what that is, right?  Let's just let the man speak:

Today the trailer for Non-Stop debuted, and it reunites Moore and Neeson and adds a dash of Flightplan.  I actually feel like this movie could be a decent amount of fun.  Neeson plays a U. S. Air Marshall on a transatlantic flight to London, and he begins receiving text messages demanding $150 million or someone on the plane will be killed every twenty minutes.  Action at 40,000 feet is the best kind apparently.  Sorry, I didn't get that right.  Pulse-pounding ACTION at FORTY!  THOUSAND!  FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Long way from Downton Abbey, girl.  

Is Fruitvale Station responsible for the text message on screen thing?  I mean, I don't mind it, but I was just posing a question.  

It doesn't look like my lady has much to do in this besides be a mysterious passenger and/or victim.  May I make a bold prediction?  She's either the villain, or there is some random twist.  Something like...he went insane after a horrible accident (the loss of his wife maybe), and Moore is actually the Air Marshall assigned to keep an eye on him.  If I am right, I expect to never pay for a movie ticket again.  If I'm wrong...well, you can enjoy rubbing my face in it.  

Someone's been paying attention in Bruce Willis diving class!

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