Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Is Glenn Close Reprising Cruella de Vil?!

First Maleficent and now...

I just heard that Disney is planning a "live-action" Cruella de Vil film.  Um...excuse me...didn't they make two already?  101 Dalmations and 102 Dalmations do not count as live-action de Vil films? 

I remember watching a video at my brothers house (VHS, yo!) and a preview for 101 Dalmations came on before the feature.  When the wholesome Disney announcer said "Glenn Close as Cruella deVil," I remember my brother and his wife lightly laughing.  "Nice," they said as they congratulated Disney's casting choice from the privacy of their home.

Close has to reprise her role...right?  Unless it's some lame origin story.  I don't care how Cruella became so vengeful against puppies.  I actually don't know who was more unhinged: de Vil the character or Close as de Vil.  By 1996, Close had lost the Oscar five times, so I guess she didn't care how over the top she was.  I surely didn't. 

I'm sure losing a Golden Globe to Madonna hurt her feelings...

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