Friday, October 4, 2013

New 'Hustle' Posters Are Totally Doing it for Me

We now have something else to buzz about with the release of the character posters for David O. Russell's upcoming American Hustle.  One of the only fall films still shrouded in secrecy, these posters go nicely with the teaser trailer that came out months ago.

Bradley Cooper looks pretty effing good in that magenta button-up, but not buttoned-up all the way--thank you Jesus.  Christian Bale looks schlumpy as ever, and Amy Adams is giving me some real Bernadette Peters realness in hers.  That big, gorgeous, red hair and that dress are doing it for me almost as much as Cooper's peek-a-boo chest hair.

When you put all the posters together, they kind of look like collectible trading cards.  Wouldn't you LOVE a set of American Hustle cards to trade with your friends?!  Speaking of cards, they remind me of the playing cards at the end of Clue.

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  1. Extra points for including the Clue reference! :)