Friday, September 19, 2014

Did Disney Rename Some 'Into the Woods' Characters?

(Entertainment Weekly is now reporting that this is untrue.  The post on was incorrect.)

Remember when people heard rumors that stuff was getting cut from the big screen adaptation of Into the Woods, and everyone (myself mostly) freaked the hell out?  People were complaining that Disney was wrecking everything and blah blah blah, and then Stephen Sondheim came out and said we have nothing to worry about?  If you know who Sondheim is you are probably aware of all the drama that went down.  People's fears seem to have been squashed by the stills and trailer for Woods, but now BroadwayWorld is reporting something very strange.  

If you go onto the official Disney Into the Woods site, the cast is listed, but they have changed some of the names.  Cinderella's Mother is now Lady Tremaine and her prince is now billed as Prince Charming.  It doesn't stop there.  Rapunzel's Prince is listed as Flynn Rider.  Excuse me?  Is Disney taking control of these characters, or is it just an oversight?  

Hopefully, someone just got the list wrong, because this would be really unfortunate (I'm ready to blame some pimply-faced intern).  I don't really recall the names of the characters being said to one another, but Into the Woods doesn't use the Disney versions of these characters.  

Cue freak outs in 3...2...1...

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