Monday, September 22, 2014

I'm Making a Pie for No Reason!

I've been missing fall a lot lately.  As one could imagine, living in Miami means perpetual sunshine and humidity, so I don't get the usual leaves changing colors or pumpkins on every front porch.  I decided to make a cheesecake pumpkin pie (go big or go home), and it reminded me of Sweeney Todd and Waitress.  So this is what I have to contribute to the world today.  

Suck it, Betty Crocker.

The two examples of joyous pie-making that I could think of were of Mrs. Lovett and Keri Russell.  I almost made it a trifecta with Jason Biggs in American Pie, but I didn't want to soil my first pie-making experience with thoughts of Biggs' rump on my pie.  Hopefully, my first pie doesn't taste horrible.  To celebrate, I thought we'd look at Lovett and Russel talking about pies!  

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