Thursday, September 4, 2014

Joan Rivers Dies at 81

I think the first thing I knew Joan Rivers from was Spaceballs, and she only provided her voice for that Mel Brooks' comedy.  She played Dot, the female android that was a send up of C-3PO from Star Wars, and her iconic voice made her memorable.  My dad is a huge Joan Rivers fan, because she didn't take shit from anyone, and she didn't censor herself.  She died today at the age of 81.  

When I found out about her medical problems over the weekend, I watched Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work.  It's available on Netflix right now, so I implore everyone to watch it if they haven't already.  Joan was the kind of performer who didn't like to stop working, and we see how determined she is to keep her schedule full.  I just loved her.  

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