Tuesday, September 9, 2014

From Boy with the Bread to Boy with the Blow?

Let's hope that Josh Hutcherson doesn't fall victim to Lautnerism and fall off the face of the world when his young adult fiction adaptation series comes to a close.  An international trailer for Paradise Lost (or Escobar: Paradise Lost...I'm not sure which is the real title) came out a few days ago, and our favorite "boy with the bread" has fallen into the seedy underbelly of cocaine dealers--namely one Mr. Pablo Escobar.  

Hutcherson plays Nick, a doe-eyed, oft-shirtless (fingers crossed) young man who meets the girl of his dreams in Columbia.  Turns out his lady love, Maria, has a rather famous uncle, and Nick soon finds himself becoming very close with Benicio Del Toro's Escobar.  

Remember when Taylor Launter was the hottest, tan thing in the whole, wide world?  It seemed he was everywhere when the Twilight Saga came to a close, but his career has sort of sputtered since the vampire series ended.  

I'm sure he's doing this somewhere right now...

I do not with the Lautnerism on Mr. Hutcherson since he's a pretty good actor.  Peeta is kind of a bakery heartthrob, so seeing him stretch his legs in a leading man-ish part will be interesting.  

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