Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What the Actual Hell is Happening Here?

Yes, that's Lea Thompson, and she's on a Back to the Future II Hoverboard.  

Yesterday, I watched the pilot episode from NBC's upcoming romantic comedy serial, A to Z (the first episode is available here before it premieres on October 2).  I didn't like the show, because I thought it was too coordinated in its cuteness.  It also resembles 500 Days of Summer too much for my liking.  Perhaps the next episode will be better.  I'm not writing up a full review for it, because Megan expertly sums up the premiere in her piece.  

The above picture of Thompson comes from the premiere episode as well.  There's a subplot about the leading man putting all his stock into Hoverboards being real, and Thompson makes a cameo appearance as herself outside a theater showing Back to the Future II.  It's a gag that isn't really fleshed out.

Why the living hell doesn't Lea Thompson have her own show?  Why couldn't A to Z be about people in their 40's (or above) looking for love in amid all those cliches and blah blah blah?  That would be a better hook that this overly structured theme that A to Z has going for it.  

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