Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First 'Into the Woods' Poster Drops

What a nice surprise for this Tuesday morning!

The first poster for Disney's musical extravaganza Into the Woods just dropped, and it's all about The Streep.  Remember the first image of the film?  The one with Meryl hanging out in the tree?  This looks like it was from the same photo shoot.  She is just slithering around making sure you are getting those items from the woods that she needs to badly.  

The only thing I think is kind of strange is the "And Johnny Depp as The Wolf."  I didn't realize that the Wolf's character was so stooped in fame that it needed that.  It at least reassures his fans that he will be taking on another role suited for his career.

I feel like some character posters are going to be on the way.  There are enough characters in the movie to justify it, right?  That's a poster set I would love to get my hands on.  

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