Thursday, September 18, 2014

What 'Big Eyes' and Award Chances You Have, Amy!

Before I posted my 25 Most Anticipated Movies of the Fall, I wrote up a small piece detailing five other films I wanted to check out.  One of them was Tim Burton's art drama, Big Eyes.  

It tells the true story of the marriage of Margaret and Walter Keane, played by Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz.  She was a divorced parent, and when Walter entered their lives, it appears that she owed him a lot.  Margaret painted pictures of seemingly lonely, waif-ish children with this huge eyes.  At the time, Walter explains that "no one buys lady art," and he attaches his name to them.  The paintings become a huge success, and Margaret has to fight to sign her own name. 

Amy Adams has been nominated for the Oscar five times, and this definitely feels like an Oscar hopeful.  People have been saying this is her time, but can she unseat Julianne Moore (who is supposed to be astonishing in Still Alice).  Not matter if Adams is nominated or not, this looks like a very strong leading performance.  Waltz is in full dastardly husband mode here, and his Inglorious Basterds/Django Unchained voice patterns only make me angry while watching this.  Get away from Amy's art!!!

These are my two favorite shots from the trailer.  In the first, Margaret stares back at her while she works, and her eyes seem to grow in the split second they are on screen.  I love the second shot, because I love all the art staring right back at us all at once.  Can't wait.  

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