Thursday, January 2, 2014

Are These Our Best Picture Nominees? PGA Announces Noms

Things are just rolling right along aren't they?

The Producers Guild announced their nominees this morning, and the ten films nominated are quite familiar titles in this year's award circuit.  Normally, the PGA lines up pretty well with the Oscars, so the big question remains: what falls out?  What from this list gets a nomination for Best Picture in two weeks?

Here are the nominees: 

American Hustle
Blue Jasmine
Captain Phillips
Dallas Buyers Club
Saving Mr. Banks
12 Years a Slave
The Wolf of Wall Street

I'm surprised that Inside Llewyn Davis didn't make the cut, but the Coens' A Serious Man didn't make it in 2009 either.  Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine was a welcome surprise, and I am happy it's in there.  Will that translate to a nomination at the Oscars?  I'm not so confident about that.  The PGA hasn't lined up exactly with Oscar since 1994 when Forrest Gump won, but that was when there were only five nominees.  It looks, though, like these titles might be very close to what gets announced on January 16th.

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