Monday, January 27, 2014

Fuuuuuck. This is Actually Happening.

Entertainment Weekly dropped the first poster for the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation on Friday.  I imagine the avid readers of the trilogy (are we included, Megan?) are salivating over this first image.  

Charlie Hunnam Jamie Dornan, as Christian Grey, gazes over the Seattle skyline in the stark poster.  I think it's wise to focus on Grey instead of trying to make Ana Steele relatable to all the people who haven't read the books.  Is that actually Dornan?  If it is, he definitely fits a suit least from behind.  I think I still would have preferred Hunnam in the role.  Or maybe I would rather see Hunnam naked?  Yes, that's it right there.  Hunnam would have been able to fill out a suit better.  

Thanks to MNPP for these.  Phew...

So does the poster work for you?  The black and white is pretty classy for a smutty movie, but at least they are giving the ladies what they want, right?

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