Monday, January 13, 2014

Scares with a Little Bit of Spice

Ah, Paranormal Activity.  Full disclosure: I love these movies, and I look forward to them every year.  Yes, every year, because they crank out a new one every Halloween.  These movies aren't necessarily about the movies themselves as they are about the experience while watching it.  Most of PA's as campaigns rely on green, voyeuristic shots of people screaming and jumping out of their chairs while watching. 

The latest installment, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, has a whole new, Latin cast.  I thought it was a total spin-off, but by the end everything ties into at least the first three (to be honest, I don't remember a lot of the fourth).  In this chapter, a young man named Jesse becomes "marked" after the woman who lives downstairs is blown away.  Jesse thinks he has powers because he can control himself from falling and he can throw people long distances.  When it all starts, Jesse doesn't remember doing any of it, but as it grows stronger, he is more intrigued by it.  It's kind of like Chronicle but less interesting.  There is also a lame recurring sequence where they ask an aged Simon questions like a Ouija board.  

I just want to point out that these might be some of the dumbest characters to ever be put in a horror movie--easily out of the PA franchise.  Jesse and his friend Hector continually break into his downstairs neighbor's apartment even after they find evidence that she was a witch.  The blood stained walls and creepy vibe are a no go for me.  Thanks, guys.  There are even two instances where the camera swirls around in the dark and a stranger is standing there.  Creepy as hell, people!  Why do they keep going back?!?!  Stupid bastards. 

The end (like always) is the best part, but this one adds a twist to the franchise.  It comes out of nowhere.  You either love or hate these movies, and I definitely am in the former category.  They're fun and make me jump out of my chair.  If you like them, go see it.  If not, you will hate them just like all the others.  

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