Monday, January 20, 2014

Can It Be?! An Exciting Oscar Race?!

A strange thing is happening this Oscar season--three way race is upon us in the Best Picture race.  The Screen Actors Guild and the Producers Guild announced their winners this weekend, and it's making everything as confusing as ever.  

Going into the Golden Globes last weekend, I knew American Hustle would walk away with Best Picture Comedy, but I thought Gravity would get Drama.  12 Years a Slave surprised in the end.  It needed that prize to stay in the conversation, because it wasn't winning any major prizes (Critics' Choice for Best Picture definitely helped too).  The Screen Actors were probably going for either Hustle or Slave, and, on Saturday night, they awarded the 70's con caper the top prize.  

Then a curve ball came.  While it seems that the acting races are really solidifying, Best Picture is the tightest its been in years.  The Producers Guild Awards (announced late Sunday night) threw a wrench in the plans by awarding Gravity and Slave with the top prize.  Yes, dear friends, we had a tie!  

There hasn't been a tie at the PGA for Best Motion Picture since they started handing out awards in 1989.  The PGA is the closest thing to the Academy's voting process since they both feature a preferential ballot.  Does this mean that our Best Picture winner is either Gravity of 12 Years a Slave?  Could the actors rally behind American Hustle and it could gain enough votes from the largest voting body in the Academy?  For the past six years, the PGA has also become the Best Picture winner at the Oscars.  The most recent movies that go against the Oscar match up are from 2004 to 2006 when The Aviator, Brokeback Mountain, and Little Miss Sunshine all won the PGA but didn't win at the Academy Awards.  

This is insane.  The DGA comes out on Saturday, and that can only make things more confusing.  If Alfonso Cuaron take it, does it mean that Gravity is the one to beat?  I am predicting him at the moment, but if McQueen wins, it might indicate that 12 Years is stronger than expected.  

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