Monday, January 20, 2014

'Devil's Due' Message? Always Walk Back to Your Hotel Room

I am sure we all remember that crazy publicity stunt from last week involving a possessed baby screaming and spewing up in the carriage that was wheeling itself around New York City?  The rogue carriage would roll up to unsuspecting New Yorkers, and a baby most foul would pop out, scaring the living shit out of whoever thought they were doing the right thing.  This was a very real advertisement for the latest shaky cam, found footage entry, Devil's Due.  As I said in my review for The Marked Ones, I love these movies.  I have to admit, though, that the publicity stunt was the scariest thing about this movie.  

Samantha and Zach are a new happily married couple.  Zach is that tool that films everything, claiming, "It's my thing."  Yeah, of course it's your thing, because, if not, there wouldn't be a movie.  They honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, and they get spooked when a fortune teller tells Samantha, "They've been waiting for you."  A cab driver picks them up, and he insists on taking them somewhere fun for their last night.  They reluctantly agree.  Somewhere between drinks, Zach's camera gets put down and we see someone filming some sort of ritual.  Samantha is placed in a large circle, and then loud noises and fire end the sequence.  

Immediately after returning home, Samantha becomes pregnant.  It feels like they unzipped their carry on, and she peed on a First Response.  Zach is overjoyed, because he's an idiot.  At this point, you'd think there would be a build up of suspense, because you know something isn't right.  Not much happens, to be perfectly honest.  Usually, there is a build up and a huge climax, but it just sort of lays there on the screen.  There are a few weird instances, but nothing seems to go together.  The only creepy thing I can point to is when people break into Sam and Zach's house to install a million camera all over their house.  Clearly, the writers weren't all that convinced by "Zach's thing."

At one point in the movie, we see a door get blown off its hinges by an angry Samantha.  The first thing that I thought of was that the movie had a bigger budget than I originally expected.  When your movie is about the anti-Christ and devil worshippers, I shouldn't be thinking of how much money was spent on the destroyed set pieces.  

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