Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Effie Trinkett is Directing a Movie?! Yay!!!

I am so jazzed to hear about this!

It was announced yesterday that Elizabeth Banks will be directing the sequel to 2012's sleeper aca-awesome hit, Pitch Perfect.  Some people know that I am not the biggest Banks fan.  There is something about her that seems overly rehearsed to me.  Whenever I see her acting in something (moreso comedies than dramas) I feel like I can see her lines printed on the page, and I can see her actress-y notes written in the margins.  I like her though.  Avery Jessup on 30 Rock is probably my favorite guest arc on the entire show.  I don't want anyone to think that I don't like her, or I don't support this career movie.  I do!  

This will mean that Pitch Perfect 2 will be directed and written by women.  The first was directed by Jason Moore and written by Kay Cannon (writer of the first), and it will mark Banks' feature directorial debut.  She directed the segment "Middleschool Date" in Movie 43 (shudder), and her short was probably one of the best.  Do NOT see that movie!  Just take my word for it.  Or you can watch it here!

Does this mean more of the original cast will return?  I thought Anna Kendrick would pull a Kirsten Dunst and not appear in the sequel, but with Banks behind the helm, maybe she will come back?  If not, the sequel could focus on Rebel Wilson's Fat Amy.  I know she has television's Super Fun Night, but give her a movie!

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