Friday, January 24, 2014

Give This 'Woman' a New Title!

I am all about a women getting revenge on a man situation.  Give me some First Wives Club, and I am set for the night.  Granted, I would rather the women wouldn't spend two hours talking about men, but then, of course, the movie wouldn't get made.  That's another discussion for another day.

In The Other Woman, Cameron Diaz plays a woman who learns that her new beau also has a wife, played by Leslie Mann.  Instead of continuing the affair behind Mann's back, the two women become friends (and apparently drinking buddies).  As these two ladies continue their friendship, they discover Kate Upton is also sleeping with their shared husband/boyfriend/unhealthy relationship.  

Instead of, you know, confronting him directly and leaving with an ounce of self-respect, the three conspire to take him down.  Instead of Diaz, Mann, and Upton, I think they should just have Bette Midler, Diane Keaton, and Goldie Hawn play these women.  No disrespect to this trio, but a neon sign in my head kept blinking, FIRST WIVES, FIRST WIVES, FIRST WIVES!!!

The only reason I bring up this movie is the title.  I want someone to change everything to it's now titled, The Other Women instead of the singular Woman.  First off, it should be changed because of obvious numerical reasons.  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (drool) is sleeping with three (maybe more) mistresses.  Secondly, it's cleverer, and doesn't sound too generic.  Thirdly, it wouldn't remind me of that Natalie Portman movie The Other Woman that came out a few years back.  

"We've never met.  I came out in 2009 in very limited release."

Maybe Diaz is the first mistress, so it's her story blah blah blah.  Whatever.  Check out the trailer below, and then try to argue with my brilliant title change theory!!!

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