Thursday, March 27, 2014

Random Poll: Who is Sexier at Standing Sideways?

Anything with Channing Tatum is newsworthy to me.  Obviously.  As I looked up posters this morning (because that's something I legitimately do) I came across the character posters for this summer's Jupiter Ascending.  Mr. Tatum is showing off his biceps and elf ears in a profile shot as planets orbit in the background.  We all know I orbit around Channing, so this works for me.  Doesn't it look like a sci-fi Great Gatsby tale?  

The next one-sheet I came across was for Tom Cruise's new vehicle, Edge of Tomorrow.  Mr. Cruise is also standing profile with tons of armor surrounding him all Terminator-y.  I wanted to know who everyone thought was sexier.  Channing is obviously hot right now, but Tom is still pretty dependable, right?  If you can look past all the Scientology crap, you might still think he's hot.  We aren't even talking about movie potential here.  Hotness is the only factor.

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