Thursday, March 13, 2014

Random Poll: Who Would YOU Want to 'Star' in the New 'Wars'

Variety reported yesterday that director J. J. Abrams has narrowed the search for his new Episode VII lead down to a few young actors. Since I am not the biggest Star Wars fan, I can only judge these strapping young dudes on what they have done and on their potential hot factor. It's been said that Abrams is looking for a more diversified cast for the start of this set of sequels. Let's bring on the boys!

Ed Speleers

Ed Speleers is probably most known as Jimmy Kent on Downton Abbey, but some might recognize him from Eragon we well. He's got a bright face and could pull of a Skywalker shag. He's a cutie. 

Odds that I'd like to see him swing his lightsaber (out of 10)? 8.  Look at that face!

Jesse Plemons

Let's stick with blonde, cute television actors, shall we?  Jesse Plemons was seen on Friday Night Lights and the final season of Breaking Bad, and he was also seen as Phillip Seymour Hoffman's son in The Master.  He looks a lot like Hoffman that I sort of have to pick my jaw up off the floor.  

Odds that I'd like to see him swing his lightsaber? 8.5--he gets extra points for that square jaw.

Matthew James Thomas

Could Abrams be searching The Great White Way for his new lead?  Matthew James Thomas has been seen on Broadway in Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark and the Tony Award-winning Pippin.  Does anyone else get a James McAvoy vibe from him?  Like a McAvoy...Christian Borle mixture?  Anyone?  I'm glad Abrams is considering stage actors.  It would be a huge break for him

Odds that I'd like to see him swing his lightsaber?: 7.  He's cute, but he doesn't really do it for me.

John Boyega

At the age of 20, John Boyega is the youngest in contention for the lead role.  His most notable credit is the 2011 actioner Attack the Block, about a group of South London teens fighting off an alien invasion.  Boyega may lack big screen experience, but he's already got a knack for taking down things from outer space.  Could this relative newbie bring a spark to the franchise?  

Odds that I'd like to see him swing his lightsaber? 8.5, although I feel like a pervert thinking that he's hot.  He's just a baby!

Ray Fisher

Like Thomas, Ray Fisher is more known as a stage actor.  He's looks the least like a boy, but I don't know how old the character is supposed to be (that picture doesn't do him justice, but he's the most elusive of all the guys up for the part).  Last year, Fisher portrayed Muhammad Ali in Fetch Clay, Make Man, a role that required him to change his physique.  I personally think he's hot as hell.

Odds that I'd like to see him swing his lightsaber?: 9.5...I wonder how heavy his lightsaber is...

Whoever nabs the most coveted part ever will battle Girls star Adam Driver.  Other than this recent announcement, Driver's casting as the new Star Wars villain is the only thing we've heard. 

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