Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Right to the 'Heart'

I am not familiar with Larry Kramer's The Normal Heart.  Bad gay, bad theater student.  I was actually skimming through my copy of Angels in America yesterday.  A friend of mine is directing Tony Kushner's opus this summer, so the rise of the AIDS epidemic is something that I've been conscious of lately.  Perhaps the Oscar-winning Dallas Buyers Club made a more lasting impression than I thought?  

I know that Dallas is completely different than the subject matter of those plays.  I don't mean to compare them just because their characters are all suffering from the same disease.  The Normal Heart premiered in 1985 Off-Broadway, and, most recently, it was performed on Broadway with a star-studded cast including Ellen Barkin, Jim Parson, and Joe Mantello.  Naturally, a film version was inevitable.  Whether that was to be sooner than later, I wasn't sure, but Ryan Murphy's version will debut on HBO on May 25.

The cast is pretty impressive, and the sight of Ruffalo kissing Bomer is enough to give me a heart attack in the best way possible.  Jason Adams over at MNPP captured it in this pulse-pounding image!

My only worry is that I don't like Ryan Murphy as a director.  He has ADD when it comes to story, so I am afraid that he won't make it cohesive, but Kramer writing the screenplay is a total plus.  I am hoping that the cast will prevail in the end, and who knows, maybe this will be Murphy's best directing yet.

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