Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ready to Feel Old? Cruel Intentions Turns 15 Today!

Cruel Intentions came out 15 years ago today.  How's that make you feel?  I remember my dad picking me up from school in 9th grade and taking me to Carmike Cinemas in Cranberry to see the 4:00 showing.  You may think that my father shouldn't have taken me to see an explicitly rated feature about teenagers playing sexual chess with one another.  Wrong!  My dad was awesome, because he fed my Sarah Michelle Gellar obsession.  Yeah, I campaigned hard for my dad to win Father of the Year that year, because he took me to the opening days to this and to Simply Irresistible exactly one month previously!  

I celebrated Cruel's birthday last year, so I guess I will be taking note of this movie on every anniversary.  Lucky you!

So, in honor of Cruel Intentions turning 15, snort some blow out of your cricifix, destroy a virgin's reputation, and look damn good doing it.  In whichever order you choose.  

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