Friday, March 28, 2014

Should I Endure Ah-Nuld to See Olivia?

Normally, I would not entertain the idea of seeing an Arnold Schwarzenegger actioner.  One may understand that his movies aren't my cup of tea.  The previews for his latest, Sabotage (which opens today), have been all over the place.  Apparently, I am watching the wrong channels.  Movies that come out on March that are targeted towards men of a certain age always feature lots of guns, lots of muscled, grizzled men, and lots of car chases.  Again, not my forte.  There is something in Sabotage that interests me, though, and her name is Olivia Williams.  

You know who Olivia Williams is.  She was in An Education...Hanna...The Ghost Writer (or The Ghost if you lived anywhere else in the world).  Maybe you know her as Bruce Willis' wife in The Sixth Sense?  If that's all you know her from, shame on you!  She's luminous, and I never know whether she's going to smile or stab me.  Well, she's a cop in Sabotage, and she has this delicious Southern accent.  I want to see the movie just because she's in it, but I wonder if I should subject myself to it.  What do you think?

So, what do you think?

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